The Global Village


Four years later as I accepted my diploma on a stage in an auditorium in Dallas, I silently thanked my brother who did not live long enough to see me see it through for giving me the right perspectiveOn Sunday morning before flying home I had time to visit a couple Dallas sites. I found a full-blown cattle drive, all done in bronze, in Pioneer Square.

Dallas's most infamous event occurred just three blocks from our hotel.

A painted X marks the spot in the street (lower middle in photo) where President John F. Kennedy was shot by Lee Harvey Oswald. I visited The Sixth Floor Museum and the adjacent grassy knoll. Standing across Elm Street it's apparent that it was an easy shot from that sixth floor window (upper right), and an equally easy shot from the grassy knoll (middle left).

I wasn't able to solve the mystery, so I packed up my shiny new diploma and went home.

I hunted for a Geocache that's hidden near this herd, but there were too many people around for me to make the find.