The Global Village


Four years later as I accepted my diploma on a stage in an auditorium in Dallas, I silently thanked my brother who did not live long enough to see me see it through for giving me the right perspectiveMing and I and Ming's wife Alice explored the SMU campus and stocked up on SMU logo items at the bookstore.

The graduates lined up by degree and school for the morning commencement ceremony. Ming stands among the other engineering graduate students. We learned that there were twice as many distance grads as on-campus students.

Below left: A parade of graduates heads for the parking lot after the ceremonies.

Ming and I were disappointed that we had to return our rented velvet and satin hoods.

The campus is dotted with beautiful fountains and outdoor sculptures. The Texas heat made it tempting to dive in.

Friday night Ming wanted to see (try?) some mechanical bull riding. We were directed to a club where the bulls had been retired, but the local FM rock station was having a party. The Violent Femmes rocked the house!

Graduation . . .