Cancun: Ordering Drinks by Color

January 2004

Icy mult-colored drinks and warm water -- that's all I was looking for in my long weekend in Cancun. I got all that, along with new friends, Myans living and long dead, and a new understanding of the meaning of "all inclusive" resort.

New Friends

Delays getting out of New York caused me and about 100 other passengers to miss our connections in Miami. The airline provided hotel, meal, and transfer vouchers, so I soon found myself sitting across the bar in a Holiday Inn from Mike and Cathy from Long Island, who were also Cancun bound.

We ended up having dinner together, finding many common interests to discuss and stories to share. We met up in the wee hours of the mourning to catch the first flight on to Cancun the next day, and only finally parted ways after getting our luggage it the airport there. We traded emails, and I hope we'll keep in touch!

Myans (living and long dead)

The meso-American archetype is unmistakable -- broad flat forehead, convex nose, small stature, and rich brown skin. They are the people of the Yucatan, and I met my first on this visit as I exited the airport. He was offering taxi's, and we quickly negotiated a price to get me to my hotel.

The next day I rode to Chichen Itza beside a tour guide in training who shared some Myan vocabulary with me while practicing his English. Pedro, who deals in cattle in his home village over on the western side of the peninsula, was hoping that guiding tourists to Chichen Itza would pay more. He has a wife and two sons to support. He had made the five hour drive from his home to Cancun the previous evening and stayed with his mother-in-law. He was planning to get his own apartment if the tour guide job panned out. We laughed about the stresses of family common to all cultures.

The Ceramic Seniors: (front) Jose, Pancho, Pedro, Pablo, Juan, Jesus; (rear) Pancho, Juan, Jesus, Pablo, Pedro, Jose.

Colorful Hammocks on offer at a roadside rest stop.

Chichen Itza's El Castillo.

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