Nobody Mentioned Rain . . .
Friday January 18, 2002

I’m working on excellent conch fritters, salad, and a Carib at the charter base restaurant when Anna turns up. Arriving a day early for the charter gives you a chance to get acclimated to de islands. I’ve already checked out the dive shop and the grocery store, and bought a towel at the gift shop. We adjourn to the pool next to the bar for a couple hours. Around 3 p.m. we inquire and learn that our boat, Gaiamente, is ready for us – three hours early. That’s a good sign!

Gaiament (no "e" on the transom, contrary to the office’s pronunciation) has sail covers the same color as Bright Star’s. That seems like a good sign too. She’s enormous, with dual helms and an immense sweep of glistening white deck. I tell Anna that yesterday during one of my interminable flights I imagined this moment – exploring the boat for the first time – to distract myself. Below, the two aft cabins have larger beds than the v-berth, but storage is at a premium everywhere.

Welcome to Maya Cove/Hodges Creek -- everything you could possibly need!

Lisa called in sick!

Fish hitches a ride in the luggage cart

Anna spends the rest of the afternoon unpacking and sorting her personal gear. I spend it receiving and stowing our provisions (with which Anna helps). How strange to do this myself, no hectic rush. Although there doesn’t seem like much storage space, the provisions disappear into it easily. Maybe we’ll go hungry!

During one visit to the office, I’m handed a message to call Lisa Smith in New York. She’s ill and won’t be able to join us until Monday. I call her and confirm that although she’s had a nasty virus, her doctor has given her the okay and she’s already re-booked her flights. Her main request is that we don’t go to the Baths without her. Since we were planning on going there on Sunday, this requires rearranging our planned itinerary.

Around 5:30 we’re thinking of going up for a shower and bite to eat when one of the workers turns up to tell us there will be a chart briefing at 6 p.m.

I take a gin and tonic and my journal and pen. I’m the only one, of at least three captains and a bunch of crew, who takes notes. But I’ve learned that the sun bakes the useful details out of my brain by the end of the week if I don’t.

It’s not hard to work out a revised itinerary that will put us at the Baths at the end of the trip. Lisa will miss Trellis Bay and Cane Garden Bay instead.

On our way back to the boat we hear Lisa T. call to us from the bar. She found the boat based on my fish flag flying on the stern, stowed, and came for a beer. We review our new itinerary with her and she's got no complaints. "What matters here is that there are moorings everywhere. It’s like that commercial: a mooring for the night instead of anchoring: Priceless."

"A mooring for the night instead of anchoring: Priceless."

--Lisa T.

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