.. Southern Exposure


College graduation is one of those important milestones that I think it helps to have support through. So I joined the graduation migration this spring to attend my nephew Sean's. And, truth be told, I saw it as the perfect opportunity to visit New Orleans.

Sean conducts.
Sean conducts.
Sean has earned his B.A. in Music Education from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. First stop on my visit was at the middle school where he'd been student teaching--my arrival in town was just in time for his students' end-of-the-year concert.

Sean and his advisor
Sean and his advisor.
We felt like the only outsiders in a stifling gym full of southern families. The band director introduced each piece played by each band (junior and senior) with detailed explanations of where they'd performed the music and how many awards they'd won in competition. I was taken back to my days in high school orchestra competitions. This school's record was impressive, but maybe my orchestra's was too--I don't remember our band director tooting our horn, so to speak, like this. It turned out we were not the only "outsiders" attending. Sean's teaching advisor was also there to see him conduct. My job was digital photos, which Sean needed as soon as possible for his portfolio for job interviews.

Congratulations Sean