.. You Don't Get to Say Mush

Quebec City in Winter

"I must tell you about our wonderful snowshoe experience," the enthusiastic woman with the French Canadian accent tells me when I inquire about snowshoeing at Mont St. Anne near Quebec City. "You snowshow out for one hour and one half. There you stay in our igloo. It is heated and very comfortable. A wonderful experience. In the morning you wake up to a very nice breakfast with eggs and pancakes and maple syrup, then you snowshoe back for one hour and one half."

We declined Sophie's sales pitch to sleep in a heated igloo outside of Quebec City, opting instead to stay in our hotel room with the uncomfortable bed.

While Andrew downhill skied, I snowshoed (but never found the igloo) and visited the local waterfall. We both tried dogsledding, and, of course, did some power shopping.