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Earth2 was a mid-1990s science fiction series that lasted one season. Cut short with a tantalizing cliffhanger, it's the perfect target for fan fiction.

I resisted the urge to join in the fun for a several years after the show was cancelled, satisfying my wish for a conclusion to the story by reading other people's writings. But eventually I felt sufficiently challenged by those other writers to try my own version.


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Other Earth2 Websites

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Earth2 Eden Advance

One of the first Earth2 fan groups. Many links are out of date, but the episode guide is still useful.

TV Tome

Concise episode guide, actor info, and a message board.

CJs Earth2 Homepage

Fan page with useful story summary, gadget info, character bios.

Very slick fan site with episode guide, timeline, bios, and a collection of second season ideas.

Earth2 FanFiction on YahooGroups

Moderated fan-fiction distribution and discussion email list.


The New Pacifica Saga
Volume 1 Picks up where the original television series left off, taking the Eden Advance team forward in their journey to New Pacifica.
Volume 2 Coming soon