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I have been a fan of the 1960s British TV series The Avengers for as long as I can remember. Emma Peel is one of my idols. I found myself drawing comparisons between that show to the 1980s series Scarecrow and Mrs. King, and the potential for stories became immediately apparent. Produced decades and an ocean apart, these two spy shows created similar tensions between their main characters. In my stories I have elected to bring the later show back in time to the period of The Avengers, since the 1960s is so much a part of The Avengers' mystique (in fan fiction, you can bend the "canon").

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The Avengers

The Emma Peel series stories
Mathematics Steed plays the Weakest Link

Emma does her figures

Berlin Steed plays voyeur

Emma learns new tricks

Four and Twenty Blackbirds

Steed grows a tail

Emma makes her move

Two's Company

Steed takes a risk

Emma throws a tantrum

Murder on the Grand Canal

Steed treads emotional waters

Emma learns to row

A Fine Bag of Rats

Steed treads emotional waters

Emma learns to row

Secret Santa Steed follows a trail

Emma does the decoration

Destiny Cruise Steed looks for the true cross

Emma paints a swath

Werewolves of London Steed stalks dangerous game

Emma lures it in


Steed gives a gift

Emma struggles with choices

The continuation stories
Betrayal on the Road Emma follows her heart

Steed goes for speed

The Stampedes Steed feels the pressure mounting

Emma goes for a ride

Knight Moves Steed goes underwater

Emma dives in

Twists of Fate

Steed keeps a low profile

Emma finds her way home

Blind Trust

Steed becomes a man hunter

Emma stays afloat

Concrete Evidence

Steed is interested in demolition

Emma invests in real estate

Dearly Beloved

Steed plans a surprise,

Emma flirts with danger


Steed revisits his past,

Emma begins an important project


Steed takes a fall,

Emma takes a delivery

Diamond Mind

Steed makes the cut,

Emma slides on the ice

Mad Dash

Steed does the babysitting,

Emma makes a run for it

Puzzles of Kings

Steed plays the sport of kings,

Emma solves some puzzles


Steed cleans house,

Emma faces her ghost

Guy Fawkes Day


Steed attracts attention,

Emma sells a painting



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