• -- The fastest source for free software.
  • Tucows -- More shareware of all varieties.
  • -- Step off, Barnes and Noble. Amazon is my favorite source for books.
  • -- Check out my books for sale (always need to make room for more). I'm miamc1277.


  • My Family Tree Maker Page -- I've been documenting and researching my family tree. It's much more complicated than I realized, but this web site and related software helps.
  • NOAA remote sensing and the World Trade Center. Check out these images of ground zero taken by NOAA's geodetic survey aircraft.
  • Dilbert -- I'd feel naked without a link to this site.
  • Boots n' All -- this well-moderated travel discussion site is rife with useful, insiteful advice from real people
  • -- This is an archive of fiction and other writing based on televison, movies, books, rock bands, and other commercial media. While you might say to these writers: "find your own characters!" the truth is, any creative outlet is a good thing and there are some gems here.
  • The Music Box -- My nephew Sean's page.
  • Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville -- For kindred parrotheads out there.
  • Trader Joes -- At last, on the Web--and on the east coast--Habeus Crispus potato chips and cheap gourmet coffee beans.
  • Moviefone -- Just in case this site has you ready to shut down the computer and go to the movies.
  • New York Metropolitan Transit Authority -- And if nobody walks in LA, nobody drives in NY. The MTA's site actually offers useful information about all manner of public transit in New York. (Why does that surprise me?)
  • My High School Reunion Home Page -- Here on the off chance that some lost classmate finds this page. If you're just finding out about it here then you missed the reunion--but so did I.
  • Mark Rosenstein's Sailing Page -- There are a lot of boating resources out there, but this page remains one of the most comprehensive.
  • LifeRaft -- With commerce and commercial sites taking over the Web, it's refreshing to find bastions of creative, literate thought thriving.
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