.. Colophon

Mia's Mar Vista News is a labor of love and mild sociopathy originally created in the mid-1980s and updated haphazardly when I have the time, energy, and inspiration.

Recent updates have been made with the accompaniment of past seasons of Sex And the City, The Avengers (of course) on DVD, and lots of thick, contemplative silence. Sustenance supplied by Louie and Ernie’s Pizzaria, Wah Yon takeout, and Ritter Sport chocolate bars. Liquid refreshments include Mike’s Hard Lime, Belgian lambic beer, and Woodpecker Cider as a poor second choice after genuine Breton cider, which just can’t be found around here.

Adobe GoLive is our content management tool. We're using GoLive on a brand new 15-inch PowerBook G4 running OSX Panther.

Video for the News was shot with a Sony digital video camera, uploaded to the other Mac -- a G4 dual that used to be the hottest thing around. All editing was done in iMovie and exported to QuickTime.

Digital still photos were taken over the years with three cameras: an Olympus 340 digital camera, a Canon S110 digital Elf, and a Sony prosumer with kick-ass zoom and resolution. Other photos were taken with a Nikonos 35MM underwater camera and a stately old Zeis Icon 35MM SLR. Prints were scanned on an Canon flatbed scanner. All photo retouching is done in Adobe Photoshop, mostly on the Macs but some on a Windows PC.

Logos and other graphics were created in Adobe Illustrator and converted to GIF format either directly or via Photoshop.