.. The Start of The Surreal Century

It started on New Years Eve, at a party at the home of a friend's parents'. The Guy Lombardo crowd--politicos and professors and musicians, average age 55--celebrated the millenium esconced in an eighth-floor mid-town apartment. Pictures and more in Ringing it In.

Liz and Mia's annual New Year's Day Recovery Party was missing a hostess--Liz was detained in Pennsylvania. Party attendees included many of the regular faces and several new ones--both new friends, and new little people hatched by the old gang.

At the end of January the Ronin's state inspection certificate expired. After several forays to used car lots in January's near-zero temperatures, we learned two things: Even used car salesmen don't bother you when it's 2 degress outside; and used Volvos are overpriced. When we found a cherry little Subaru at a Ford/Mazda/Subaru dealer (really, we visited the lot to look for a used Miata), for a price closer to our target, we went for it. Say farewell to the Ronin and hello to the new Wheels.

That same evening, we had the immense pleasure of pulling one of the all-time best pranks on News reader Dan Katz. Unbeknownst to him, Andrew and I arranged to attend the Quadrille, a white-tie ball with a special dance performance in which Dan's girlfriend Katie was performing. Dan expected to spend the evening watching Katie and socializing with people he didn't know. Check out the pictures, as you may never see Dan in tails again.

Inspired by a casual question from a friend, In January we polled News Readers and many other acquaintences about their New Year's resolutions. The results are as varied as the respondents. Read all about your determination for 2000.