.. 1999 Family
(and Friendly) Album


Liz Lowell's shower
Andy and Lewis
In April friends gathered to shower Liz Lowell with baby gifts. Her niece had the most fun “helping” open gifts and put on the hat.
Little Andrew and Lewis at an Ensign Fleet 1 sailing season kickoff barbeque.


Lisa Travaly's Party
Lisa Travaly's Party
Lisa Travaly hosted a birthday party for herself on a thunderstormy summer afternoon. Jennifer Gikas and her three little girls were among the many well-fed guests.

Beach Group
Miniature golfing
Miniature Golfing
The beach house at Nag’s Head hosted a rotating group of family and friends for a week in July.
Miniature golf and a bushel crabs are a staple of summer at the beach.
Sean clowning around is also an essential ingredient.
Bruce on Bright Star
Bruce and Andrew
Bruce spent several weeks just before David and Renee’s Wedding in Newport, RI on business. One weekend he drove down to da Bronx for a visit. We went for a sail on Bright Star, and had brunch in the Botanical Garden.


Fred Lorthioir's Birthday Party
Fred Lorthioir's Birthday Party
Chris Schoen actually pulled off throwing a surprise birthday part for husband Fred Lorthioir. The guest list included Fred’s diving friends, his sailing friends, and his family. Lisa Travaly, a sailing friend, was happy to help with child-management duties.


Bruce and Meghann practice the old “tilt ’n Grin.”
The newlyweds went all out with decorations for their first Christmas. Meghann digs into her stocking Christmas morning.
Samantha is always happy to get a new stuffed thing.

Winter (2000)

Seal Watch
Seal Feeding
Fred coordinated a group to go on a seal watch out of the Norwalk Maritime Museum. Unfortunately, half way out to the islands where the seals live, the skipper of the boat decided the fog was too thick to proceed. Instead we went into the museum to see their captive seals, then went to Lewis and Gay’s for lunch.
In honor of attending the Quadrille Ball, I had my hair professionally cut and highlighted for the first time in years. The result was so amazing I had to take pictures, and although they fail to convey the overall look and feel, I’ll share a couple here since some readers have expressed interest.