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For quite a while now MMVN.NET has been the home of Mia's Mar Vista News but what you got when you hit the URL was Mia's personal home page with links to the News, Hot Copy, and other stuff. Confusing? We think so too. So we've made the News the home page, with links to Hot Copy and The Community Club at St. Bart's -- the other sites that live in this domain -- in the lower left.R
Patriotic Aliens?
A flag displayed on the saucers in Flushing Meadow Park (revealed to be alien spaceships in the movie
Men In Black)
ecent world events have demanded the attention of all media, and the News is no exception. While our New York office was not physically impacted by the destruction of the World Trade Center on September 11th, 2001, we were not unaffected. American Express, which as often been our list of financial supporters, was forced to abandon its corporate headquarters. Friends who work there are now working from home or space the company has leased in New Jersey. Perhaps more notable for News readers is how we used the brief, difficult period just after the attack. Unable to go to the office, we concentrated on reworking this web site and on writing about events. You'll find our essays in The Global Village and The View From Sea Level.

For the pseudo millenium (2000), we surveyed friends and acquaintances about their New Year's resolutions. (Check out the results in The View From Sea Level).

We've also delved into digital video this past year -- all because Apple saw fit to put iMovie software on all it's computers. You'll find links to video attached to some of the travel stories in New Destinations. But don't worry, dialup friends, we won't serve up fat video to you without warning.

Perry Ellis billboard near the entrance to the Queens/Midtown tunnel.
Financial support these days is coming from SIAC (Securities Industry Automation Corporation), where a six-month consulting contracting extended to eighteen or so, and then a staff position. We're analyzing and documenting software requirements -- nerdy, unglamours stuff, but it appeals to our much ignored engineering genetic background. And SIAC isn't nearly the corporate minefield as other big corporate clients we've known, at least not for a consultant. SIAC keeps its employees for decades, consultants for years. What with the current state of the economy, such remarkable stability in a high tech firm is rather reassuring.

If you missed our previous issues or just want to revisit, we've created the Global Village and From Sea Level Archives where you will find older MMVN articles. The new stuff is at the top of each section.

As always, your submissions of movie, book, and culture reviews and commentary are always welcome.

The New New York Skyline

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