British Virgin Islands: What Part of Pub Crawl Do You Not Understand?
Saturday: Maya Cove to Trellis Bay
Sunday: Trellis Bay to Cane Garden Bay
Monday: Cane Garden Bay to Jost Van Dyke
Tuesday: Jost Van Dyke to Norman Island
Wednesday: Norman Island to Peter Island
Thursday: Peter Island to Marina Cay
Friday: Marina Cay to The Baths to Cooper Island
Saturday: Cooper Island to Maya Cove
After getting a taste for the comfort of five people on a 50 foot boat, four of our sailors decided to repeat the experience (okay, so this boat was 47 feet) in the British Virgin Islands.

Our fifth this year was, once again, the only man on board. This was Dave's first visit to the Caribbean. The first morning after a showery night, he quietly observed, "nobody mentioned rain when I signed on for this."

Lisa S., Anna (front), Lisa T., Mia, and Dave

Three of us -- both Lisas and Mia -- had cruised the BVI in 1991, and since we were returning in 2002 we dubbed ourselves the Palindrome Crew.

Lisa T. quickly dubbed this trip the "no production" cruise. Provisioning was not a production, the chart briefing was not a production, the boat checkout was not a production. Since we spent the first night aboard at the dock, we had time to be sure that using all the systems, chiefly the stove, would not be a production.

Lisa S. inserted the monkey wrench in the works by calling in sick -- literally. She had a debilitating virus and would not be able to join us until Monday. But we took it in stride, deciding where we'd be Monday and calling Lisa back in New York.

We promised Dave, our Brit, a serious pub crawl in Cane Garden Bay, but once there the group got separated for a while. When we reconnected and some of us admitted that we'd skipped some bars, Dave asked, incredulous, "What part of pub crawl did you not understand, then?"

The showers continued, off and on, all week, putting a damper on some of our planned snorkeling. But the sailing was unaffected, and the rum drinks never faltered.

Lisa handles the dual helms
ohhhh -- Baracuda!
Dawn departure from Marina Cay to The Baths
Lisa called in sick!
But found her way to the sun
Dave gets his hands on the (port) helm
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