Grenada and the Tobago Cays:

Watch out for de mailboat, mon!
Tyrrel Bay

Long sails and stupendous snorkling were the hallmarks of this trip to the southern end of the island chain. Lusher and steeper than the islands to the north, Grenada presented quite a different face to visiting sailors than the BVI. Locals with jobs professed a deep friendliness for Americans. Those without seemed to take a dimmer view of our presence on their island.

Fred with his dinner From sauteed flying fish to lobster barbequed on the beach, to muddy mangrove oysters, the foods of Grenada and the Tobago Cays were varied and, mostly, delicious. Paying a local boy in Tyrrel Bay to harvest a bucket of nearly inedible oysters was worth it just to see our crewmate disappear into the mangrove swamp with him in our dinghy (and wonder if they'd come back). Lobsters so big that two fed our combined crews of 12 people were provided by the locals in the Tobago Cays. We closed the trip with a dinner at Rudolphs in St. George's where another customer treated our entire table to shots of fine sipping rum. This went down well on top of the local "rum punch" we'd already sloshed through.

Like so many others, the trip provided story fodder almost every day. Some was passive, like seeing models being photographed on Sandy Island. Most was adventureous, like having to rush back out to the boats anchored at Union Island when the locals outside the customs office started pointing and shouting at the mailboat steaming toward its dock with our boats in it's path. Suddenly we understood why the boatboys had circled us as we anchored, saying "de mailboat, mon, you got to watch out for de mailboat."

Saturday: Secret Harbor to Dragons Bay
Sunday: Dragons Bay to Tyrell Bay, Carriacou
Monday: Tyrell Bay to Sandy Island
to Hillsborough, Carriacou
to Union Island
Tuesday: Union Island to Tobago Cays
Wednesday: Tobago Cays to Saltwhistle Bay, Mayreau
Thursday: Mayreau to Union Island to Petit St. Vincent
Friday: Petit St. Vincent to Prickly Bay, Grenada
Saturday: Prickly Bay to Secret Harbor

Grenada Map

Planning Meeting

Lewis, Fred, Ed, and Chris at
a pre-trip chart session.


Fred enjoys being part of
the underwater scenery.
Hornblower Too

The crew of Hornblower Too:
Ken, Noel, Lisa, Hal, and Lewis (Mia taking picture)
Ed and Ken

Ed and Ken snorkling
the Tobago Cays.
St. George's

St. George's is the bustling
capital of Grenada

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