Sailing with St. Bart's:
You Can't Beat the Experience

St. Bart's Sailing Members' Handbook 2003



The Commodore inspires, promotes, and oversees the activities of the committee, assisting the Vice Commodores and members on projects as necessary. The Commodore is Sailing's point person in dealings with the church. He or she attends meetings at which a Sailing representative is required. The Commodore chairs General and Executive Committee meetings and may call special meetings as necessary. Except in unusual situations the Commodore is the final arbiter of disputes. He or she may initiate a vote of the Executive Committee or resolve problems on a more private level.

The Commodore must be a qualified Skipper with several season sailing experience with St. Bart's.

Vice Commodore--Maintenance

A significant amount of the seasonal maintenance on Bright Star is performed by the membership. Many of these tasks requires skill and specialized knowledge of electronics, mechanics, plumbing, and marine engineering. While it would be ideal to train members in the proper techniques, experience tells us that most people are more interested in sailing the boat than painting its bottom. Many of those who do help with the seasonal work just want to be handed a rag and directed, not made responsible. Therefore it is critical to Bright Star's health to have someone with knowledge of boat maintenance heading up her maintenance program.

The Vice Commodore--Maintenance, prepares and presents spring and fall maintenance budgets and schedules to the Executive Committee prior to commencing regular work. Throughout the year this VC addresses unscheduled maintenance needs on an ad hoc basis. A boat inventory listing consumable goods such as cleaning supplies, engine supplies, and small items is maintained on-board. Small repairs and replacement parts (under $50) are approved by the Commodore or VC--Finance verbally. Larger jobs are brought before the Executive Committee unless they compromise safety and/or prevent Bright Star from sailing. When such a condition arises, the Commodore, VC--Maintenance, and VC--Finance shall determine the appropriate course of action without waiting for a full meeting.

The Vice Commodore–Maintenance must be a full or social member in good standing.

Vice Commodore--Education

The VC--Education develops the education program--scheduling clinics, arranging for teachers, and coordinating with the Club office for space and equipment. The VC--Education also concentrates on introducing new, specialized classes both on-shore and on-the-water.

The VC--Education is responsible for identifying potential First Mates and Skippers from among the Sailing membership and encouraging them to further their skills and achieve these ranks. Skippers who identify potential candidates should suggest that they speak to the VC--Education about advancing, and make an informal recommendation to the VC themselves.

The VC--Education administers the First Mate and Skipper written tests and arranges for the on-the-water tests with a qualified Skipper. The names of candidates who pass will be presented to the Commodore for approval. If at any time the Commodore refuses to approve a qualified, recommended candidate, any of the Vice Commodores may call for a vote of the Executive Committee to overrule the Commodore. All five Vice Commodores must vote (in person or by proxy) and their decision must be unanimous. Further dispute or situations with extenuating circumstances will be brought to the Church General Manager.

The Vice Commodore--Education must be a qualified Skipper.

Vice Commodore--Finance

As Sailing's treasurer, the Vice Commodore--Finance works closely with the Commodore processing the club's cash flow. The VC--Finance monitors sailing income and, on at least a monthly basis, makes efforts to collect any outstanding debt. The VC--Finance may recommend to the Commodore suspension of sailing privileges on the basis on non-payment, any sailor who is in arrears and does not demonstrate an intention to pay in a timely manner. The VC--Finance must enforce the payment-in-advance policy if income is insufficient.

The VC--Finance reviews financial statements generated by the church and brings any serious discrepancies to the attention of the Executive Committee. The VC--Finance helps budget sailing and non-sailing events with the members of Sailing who are organizing them.

The Vice Commodore--Finance must be a full member in good standing of St. Bart's Sailing.

Vice Commodore--Events

The Vice Commodore--Events is responsible for coordinating meetings and parties with the office, developing new events, and working with Sailing members to make them happen. The VC--Events is the keeper of St. Bart's Sailing's image, coordinating marketing efforts for all activities (including events, sailing, maintenance, and education) and paying special attention to drawing in new members and seeing that their sailing needs are met.

The Vice Commodore--Events must be a full or social member in good standing of St. Bart's Sailing.

Vice Commodore--Scheduling

The Vice Commodore--Scheduling is responsible for accepting and confirming reservations for all sails, and for recruiting Skippers and First Mates. In that role, the VC or his or her delegate is the Skippers' and First Mates' primary contact and must be available by phone to resolve scheduling issues. The VC works with the VC--Education and the VC--Maintenance to schedule on-the-water seminars and down-time for maintenance (if required).

The Vice Commodore--Scheduling must be a full member in good standing of St. Bart's Sailing.

Vice Commodore--Trips

The Vice Commodore--Trips coordinates medium- to large-scale trips. This year-round task includes: evaluating possible location and, with the Executive Committee, selecting a destination; working with the charter company to reserve the boats, meet payments, order provisions, etc.; with the Commodore determining the price and payment schedule and assigning crew to boats; promoting the trip, tracking financial transactions, maintaining and up-to-date roster or participants, and coordinating ancillary events.

The Vice Commodore--Trips must be a full member in good standing of St. Bart's Sailing.