Sailing with St. Bart's:
You Can't Beat the Experience

St. Bart's Sailing Members' Handbook 2003

So You'd Like to Go Sailing . . .

St. Bart's Sailing is entrusted with the care and management of the Community Club's 34-foot sailboat, Bright Star. It is our responsibility to make sailing and related activities available to the St. Bartholomew's community.

Our primary consideration at all times is the safety of all participants in the sailing program and of the boat. Operating within safe guidelines, we offer regular sailing excursions on Bright Star throughout the spring, summer, and fall, sailing classes in the spring, and special sailing trips on chartered boats throughout the year.

Absolutely no experience is necessary to sail aboard Bright Star. While we encourage people to take advantage of training that we provide, lazing about on deck is perfectly acceptable.

We extend our community through social gatherings and offer a unique form of leadership development via our Skipper and First Mate training and qualification programs. Sailing provides an unusual blend of physical and mental challenge and social interaction enjoyed by millions of people world wide. We're proud to be a part of the vast sailing community and to help our members join in the fun.

The One-Day Vacation

An evening or weekend sail on Bright Star is an easy, relaxing escape from the pressures of work and New York City. Even if you've never set foot on the deck of a boat before, you can be a participant in the sail. And if all you want is to get away and relax, you don't have to lift a finger (except to eat lunch).

Signing up couldn't be easier: just call the St. Bart's Sailing InfoLine (212-378-0294) and leave a message saying when you want to sail and if you'll be bringing a guest. Be sure to leave phone numbers where you can be reached over the next 48 hours. Someone will call you back to confirm or, if the boat is full when you requested, help you re-schedule. They'll also give you the name and phone number of the Skipper you'll be sailing with. You can give him or her a call to confirm what train everyone is taking and where to meet. Then just get yourself and your sailing gear to Grand Central Station on time and you're off.

Bright Star is docked in New Rochelle in Southern Westchester County. You'll take a taxi from the New Rochelle station to Glen Island Yacht Club. If you forget to bring food or drink, speak up. There's usually someone else in the same boat (so to speak) so you'll be able to make a quick deli run before you cast off.

All that sun and relaxing on weekend sails usually builds up quite an appetite. Frequently the crew decides to go out for dinner at a local restaurant after the sail. It's not required--if you have to catch the train right away just say so--but it is a great way to end the day.

Overnights of Pleasure

Bright Star goes on several overnight cruises each summer, usually over the major holidays. These trips include a maximum of five sailors including the Skipper and First Mate. While the exact itinerary is up to the Skipper based on factors like weather and the crew's capabilities, most weekends include two great days of sailing an a night anchored in a quiet anchorage somewhere on Western Long Island Sound. Dinner is usually a barbecue cooked right off the back of the boat.

For a quick getaway, Bright Star is an unbeatable deal. And if you're considering joining us on a longer trip, spending at least one weekend on Bright Star is a must to find out what the cruising life is all about.

About once a summer we charter one or two boats for a three-day weekend in a nearby sailing region like the Chesapeake bay or Newport, RI. These trips are a cross between the simplicity of a weekend on Bright Star and the outright adventure of a week in the Caribbean. You'll discover the fun of sailing with a companion boat and enjoy visiting familiar as well as new places by water.

The Ultimate Escape

Cruise the Caribbean, take a run to Block Island, or experience adventure even further afield on one of our sailing vacations. We arrange everything from flights to the rum punch. All you worry about is how many bathing suits to bring. We take command of one or two luxury yachts in some of the finest cruising grounds in the world. We handle all the sailing, navigating, and cooking, and hours of snorkeling, sunning, dancing, and dozing are required.

Don't Worry, Mon

If you're concerned about what to bring or whether you'll enjoy yourself, stop. The answer to the latter is, "Of Course!" and you'll find the rest of the information you need right here in these pages. Go on, turn the page and you'll see what we mean.