Sailing with St. Bart's

First Mate Qualification Examination


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Print out this page and the following pages. You will take the test in writing. When you’re done, submit it to Mia McCroskey, Commodore, St. Bart's Sailing. Contact her to find out the best way to get it to her.

Set aside a three-hour block of time (maximum) to devote to the exam. Gather all the materials you think you will need before you begin. These should include:

  • A black or blue pen or pencil to fill in the answers
  • Red and Green pens or pencils for marking charts
  • Study materials provided by the Club, or Chapman’s Piloting, the AnnapoIis Book of Seamanship, or any other boating references you have on hand.

You should not use:

  • Calculator
  • Plotting tools (dividers, compass, triangles, etc.)
  • The scored copy of the test that you bought from another First Mate

This is not the SAT (although it’s possible the questions may be skewed in favor of white males). Scoring is fairly liberal and we encourage you to guess when you aren’t sure. Smart-ass answers can have a positive effect on your score. Seriously innovative solutions to the problems will do you more good, however.

This examination is intended to test your knowledge of the Community Club’s vessel and sailing conditions in Western Long Island Sound. You might regard it as a written dialogue about the skills and information that any competent, responsible sailor should possess before venturing out on the water. Certainly it will point up any weakensses in your sailing skill inventory. The Community Club’s Sailing program requires that all members submitting their names for addition to its First Mates List take this examination. The examination will be scored and returned to you for review so that you may continue your studies in subject areas that are unfamiliar to you. The Commodore, with the advice of the Vice- CommodorečTraining, approves additions to the First Mates List. For further detail about the promotion procedure, please request a copy of the Sailing Committee Handbook from the Commodore or VC-Training. Satisfactory completion of this test and promotion to the Community Club’s First Mates List in no way indicates any form of certification, official or unofficial.